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BMW euro Delivery !

Started by 500eguy, 24 June 2007, 03:47 PM


Hello guys! i don't think i mentioned this but i just got back from a trip to Europe! i Took Delivery of a 07 335i hardtop convertible! drove it around the autobahn, went to stuttgart, to the MB Museum! It was the most fun i have ever had! here are a couple of slide shows i made, you guys can take a look at. enjoy!


It appears you had a fantastic trip... surely you have much more to say about your adventure! I don't even know where to start with the questions...
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yes actually i could fill up pages of what i did on my trip! i Picked up the 335 in munich on the 5th of June, drove down to Maranello Italy, visited the Ferrari Factory and the Lamborghini Factory, Then drove down to Rome, On the way down we got caught in a very bad Thunder/ Hail/ Rain storm, Then visited Rome... did all the tourist attractions. It was Amazing!Then from Rome i drove 12 hours all night straight to Stuttgart germany.... I had to drive through Switzerland, got into Germany and by that time the car was fully Broken In, so basically until i got into Stuttgart i was driving at about 150-160 the whole time:) Luckily the long stretch of the Autobahn was unlimited so i took advantage of that:) We arrived at the hotel 6:45 in the morning after driving all night, slept until about 1:00, then visited the MB Museum...and wow.... it is really awesome over there.... They have a 100% mint 116 300sd in silver....:) made me jealous. Then from stuttgart we drove to the Nurburgring, drove around the track a bunch of times, that was great!:) Then from there we Drove to Paris. Paris was great! clean and friendly people. i loved it there. Then We went to the UK via Ferry, then stayed in London For a few days, then flew to New york, then back home.  That was basically everything i did in a nutshell. I was angry because i forgot to go to MB world in Brooklands. :( i have so many pictures, i will try to post them up.


now that is a holiday, holy crap! did your beema get done in the hail storm? that museum is big isnt it, you could spend a hell of a lot of time there. was the bm museum done yet, it was still under construction in munich in feb 07 - but was looking good from our viewing platform in olympic park...
you are a lucky, lucky boy
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I never got a chance to get to the BM Museum! :( the Hail didn't do anything to the Car other than make me really worried..... Being in Europe is amazing.... i need to go back again!:)

James R

Glad you liked Europe, Johnny. I think what a lot of people who have never been here before don't realise, especially when you do a long trip like yours, is how the cultures change when you go from one country to the next. UK to France..there's a great big change...France to Germany...another...even Germany to Switzerland who, like us on this forum, are divided by a common language. Italy is another matter !

What happened to the Beemer ? Is it on a boat to Hawaii ?
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Yeah, where's the car now?  Dare I say it actually looks good ;D ;)

Man what a holiday and what a great way to travel rather than hiring a ride.  Thanks for the slideshows. 

My folks are on their way back home as I type but they've spent almost two months abroad (first time since the late 60's), basing themselves with my aunt near Birmingham and popping over to the continent a few times.  At my insistence from thousands of miles away, whilst in Germany they went to Stuttgart and the museum on the 12th June.  They loved it and even bought me a t-shirt. ;D  Yay for me. :D

I can't wait to go over there for pretty much all the reasons James points out and what you experienced.  The Classic Centre will be a must though 8)
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BMW's euro Delivery program is hard to beat. I was going to do it with Mercedes but they don't discount the car at all, i saved probably $10k on the car by going up to Europe. Bmw ships it back for me for free, it is getting shipped out of South Hampton.

James R

Hah ! I live 20 miles from Southampton. I'm closer to your car than you are !
1978 450SEL 6.9 - GONE!

1979 450SEL - GONE!


hahaha..... that is odd isn't it.....we should all plan a w116 meeting here in Hawaii?