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bloody falcons!

Started by zook, 24 July 2012, 11:47 PM


All in all they are a reasonable car, avoid the TBI (Single point throttle body) injection and carbied cars and you should be fine, the Firebirds have electrical issues and the shonky right hand drive conversions dont help either with the looms often dragged to the right making them a very tight fit.

The conversion uses a WB Statesman steering box and the chassis really isnt designed for the stress  and because the drivetrain is offset to the right it is a tight fit often using long brake bars to attach the pedals to the booster which will still be mounted on the left 50% of the time.

Im more of a Gen 1 or Gen 3 or 4 guy but these days id buy a C4 or C5 Corvette for the Rack n pinion steering which tends to keep the original steering geometry more than the steering box cars.

Its a minefield.........


The one I drove was a 305 carb.  Traction was bad on a dry road and scary in the wet.  Full lock and the steering did some weird sh*t even though all looked ok underneath.  Then there was electrical and ventilation issues....  I've found many yanky cars to have very poor airflow from the HVAC, even when working correctly.  And unfortunately not so good for our summers
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Because of the wide "track" on the Gen 3 Camaro's tyre and wheel choice will upset the hell out of them but it also sounds like the conversion was a crappy one.

One of the best LHD to RHD conversions I ever drove was a Queensland conversion that left all the components where they were and used bars and chain/cog setup for the steering and brake relocation so the geometry was as factory.

dodgy looking but effective lol