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Aussie Fuel Prices.....

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up Up UP.....they're forecasting it will cost me around $144 to fill up the 6.9 by mid year (96l @ $A1.50 a litre) and higher if Bush versus Iran goes 12 rounds....(!)

Its beginning to feel like England...hey, what are the Poms paying for fuel (in $A) these days anyway? 

Looks like I'll be using the Train more often. Damn.


Premium unleaded down here has hit $1.48 a few months ago

bought some standard unleaded today and it was $1.36.

Nah mate I wouldn't dream of putting the standard unleaded in the 6.9
this was in my old 230 Benz,

Just got my 6.9 registered down here so on the weekend might be time to turn on the taps and see what's what.

Hey, hey, there...what's the fuss with you aussies

I have sited a pump with 1,47€ per liter for 98 octane super. That is like 1.75$ (US) per US quart !!! a US gallon is SEVEN US $$$$

I tell you, they're going to be giving away 6.9s pretty soon  ;D

Seriously, people think that I am mad to have a gasoline powered V8 car.

There will come a time where a serious conversion to ethanol will be the only sensible thing to do. I need to go and live in some remote maintain spot in the Pyrenees and build a big still, raise sheep, and wear a Basque Beret...


Paris, France

Please help the needy, even 100 ml packs of gasoline are accepted by my family. For 4 liters of foreign gasoline received as a gift, I will send you a very nice metal Eiffel tower or even one of those oil-filled glass balls with an Eiffel tower, the Louvres and Montmartre in them, that once shaken look like a snowstorm hit Paris  :P

Hey, Denis!  Methinks you've been reading too many "Nigerian" e-mails!   ;D


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