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Aussie Fuel Prices.....

Started by AMG69, 19 April 2006, 03:25 AM


up Up UP.....they're forecasting it will cost me around $144 to fill up the 6.9 by mid year (96l @ $A1.50 a litre) and higher if Bush versus Iran goes 12 rounds....(!)

Its beginning to feel like England...hey, what are the Poms paying for fuel (in $A) these days anyway? 

Looks like I'll be using the Train more often. Damn.

sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


Premium unleaded down here has hit $1.48 a few months ago

bought some standard unleaded today and it was $1.36.


Nah mate I wouldn't dream of putting the standard unleaded in the 6.9
this was in my old 230 Benz,

Just got my 6.9 registered down here so on the weekend might be time to turn on the taps and see what's what.


Hey, hey, there...what's the fuss with you aussies

I have sited a pump with 1,47â,¬ per liter for 98 octane super. That is like 1.75$ (US) per US quart !!! a US gallon is SEVEN US $$$$

I tell you, they're going to be giving away 6.9s pretty soon  ;D

Seriously, people think that I am mad to have a gasoline powered V8 car.

There will come a time where a serious conversion to ethanol will be the only sensible thing to do. I need to go and live in some remote maintain spot in the Pyrenees and build a big still, raise sheep, and wear a Basque Beret...


Paris, France

Please help the needy, even 100 ml packs of gasoline are accepted by my family. For 4 liters of foreign gasoline received as a gift, I will send you a very nice metal Eiffel tower or even one of those oil-filled glass balls with an Eiffel tower, the Louvres and Montmartre in them, that once shaken look like a snowstorm hit Paris  :P


Hey, Denis!  Methinks you've been reading too many "Nigerian" e-mails!   ;D
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FYI, gas is just under $3.00/gal in Palm Springs, CA (USA).

Gas goes up, it comes down (not quite as much), and it goes up and down again.  Keep your tire pressure up, drive slower, and try not to freak out when the prices spike, and everything will be okay.

P.S. I'm getting about 13 mpg in my 77 450 SEL, so I DO feel your pain.  Half my driving has been uphill, while loaded with several hundred pounds of stuff.  But the fact remains that these cars weren't made with the idea of avoiding gas stations, were they?

Interesting note: in the 70's, most manufacturers responded to the federal emissions requirements by building bigger, less fuel-efficient engines.  Think about it.  The smog equipment lowered horespower, so the 3.5L became the 4.5L to compensate for the reduce performance.  Hence cars became less fuel efficient, which required more gas, which ultimately resulted in more pollution! Stupid, boneheaded government policies routinely produce the opposite effects of the ones they are seeking.  What do you call a hundred million bureaucrats at the bottom of the ocean?
A good start.

s class

Here in South Africa petrol is today ZAR 5.61 per litre.  (Piricing is government regulated so its the same price everywhere).  That's about US$ 1 per litre.  So its pretty cheap by international standards, but most locals don't know much about the outside world and so they freak at every price increase. 

We have seen steady increases - 6 or 7 years ago it was under ZAR 2 per litre.  There is talk that we will cross the magic ZAR 6 per litre mark next month.

Every time there is a significant petrol price increase, the asking prices of old benzes takes a dip.  Just 18 months ago when I was shopping for a 450SL, ZAR 70 000 to 100 000 was the typical price.  Then two petrol price hikes later the asking dipped to ZAR 50 000 to 80 000 - so I bought one, and since the petrol price has stabilised the asking prices of these cars has slowly regained their original level. 

So as an enthusiast of old benzes, I like petrol price increases - makes people panic and there are bargains to be had. 

Ryan in South Africa

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John Hubertz

Not just fuel price, but availability.  This is one reason I elected to purchase a 450SEL vs a 6.9....  not due to fuel cost, but rather the idea that an automobile, ANY automobile, is not the best way to invest.

I'm concerned that we are going to witness a sea-change regarding the legality of owning and operating private automobiles worldwide within the next 25 to 50 years.  Between the opportunity to eliminate the driver with computer control and drive-by-wire technologies, the environmental impact of burning hydrocarbons and the fact that a truly mobile populace is hard to control, I think that we are probably in the last era of personal freedom expressed vis-a-vis the motorcar.

Thus, I raise my glass in the same sort of toast offered in Paris as the Nazis marched East...  C'est la vie!  Let us drink well (fossil fuels) before all must change, or die!
John Hubertz
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
(Hunter S. Thompson) 

1977 450SEL (Max Headroom)
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Hi fellows

John, I will let you know what I really think about this. Please understand that the greater Paris area is an incredibly polluted territory with a very inadequate road system despite the fact that highways are everywhere - the effect of the fifteen million inhabitants of the greater Paris area.

I am enjoying my W116 for personal reasons - fuel cost is making me drive it less and as I have sold my other car, am using the bus to go to work (better than the daily Paris traffic jams) and walking more for exercise, I am actually enjoying my 350SE more _ french roads are very good and "Von Humboldt" feels wonderful at 145kph in the gentle curves and hills of our autoroute in the early hours of the day (when the police is still asleep).

For ecological reasons, I am actually an advocate of either alternative fuels or dramatically reducing the use of automobiles. We don't need all these polluting machines on public roads !

BUT, I was a strong supporter of the Montlhéry racetrack and active during the petition project NOT to close it down in 2005. For those unfamiliar, the Montlhéry racetrack was the first concrete banked racetrack in France back in 1924 - beautiful engineering.


With many others, the supporters believed that people of all ages should be able to use the track for club racing. Our arguments to the state included using the track for driver training at higher speeds, marque club events (Alpine A310, Triumph TR-4, Alfa Romeo spyder, etc...), classic race car meets (Porsche against Corvettes - the dry sump Porsches win of course) and vintage GRAND PRIX racing - I witnessed a competition between a Riley and a Bugatti three years ago. Oh the sound of that straight eight 1500cc Bugatti ! I always find it painful to see someone with a Ferrari Daytona lost in traffic or even worse, not been driven the way it was supposed to be. And the classic Porsche 911s only sound good when winding out...

But we lost to the bureaucrats,  Montlhéry is silent today...but not demolished. It is the Eiffel tower of racetracks. I just hope that it will remain intact long enough for the next time we reconsider these ideas, perhaps with an eye to fewer polluting garbage mobiles on public roads, and more "real" cars on the race track. 

Anybody know where I can find a C111 with the 4 rotor Wankel ?


Paris, France