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Any Sydney owners actually drive their w116 ((let’s meet up)))

Started by irvine, 26 July 2018, 01:15 AM


Hey everyone, I'm wondering if there are any w116 owners in Sydney???
There are lots of monthly "classic cars & coffee" meets put on by a number of car clubs that welcome drop ins like myself and friends.
I'd be happy to PM the details or put them up here if other Sydney members would like to meet at one of all the regularly meets.



Still no takers for a meet up  :(

I'll upload pics of the meets i attend around sydney, hopefully some of you guys get jealous of the fun and come alaong  ;)

Myself and some mates attend a little meet and coffee every few weeks in centenial park (sydney) always a great bunch of people and a great selection of classic cars, really never know whats going to appear.
I "borrowed" a few of my mates pic's as i for some reasion didnt bother to take any.

Untitled by Neil Irvine, on Flickr

this one we have a triumph, honda and a huge holden (i think).

Untitled by Neil Irvine, on Flickr

2 jag coupes anda porsche 928.

Untitled by Neil Irvine, on Flickr

VW beatle and kombi and just in the background a mustang.

Untitled by Neil Irvine, on Flickr

a porsche 911, that holden again and 2 modified bmw e21's (both on air ride)

Untitled by Neil Irvine, on Flickr

my mates w115

Untitled by Neil Irvine, on Flickr

a stunning Ferrari 250gt (owner has a few $1M+ classic cars, this one is his daily)

Untitled by Neil Irvine, on Flickr

AND my w116  8)

like i said ill keep posting in this thread until one ofyou appear.



There's a few Sydney-siders that use 'the other' 116 site! This site seems to feature many posts from Victoria & WA. Not sure why.
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