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Started by 500eguy, 06 November 2007, 05:20 AM


Hmmmmm..... do i need 2 Kidneys? 2 Ears? hmmm what else could i sell for this car.... I have not drooled over a car in a long time.


Ohhhh I like THAT....ALOT.


So this is how it's goin down...

Michel, you're the getaway driver in the 690SEL - me and Oscar will take the security guards on the door..  Mercules and 13B can be crowd control inside & Styria, Mforcer & BC can jump the counter and put the $$$$ in the bags!

After we're in / out within 60secs: OBH, Andrew, Nathan, WGB, Crayford, Koan, torana68 & Craigs (who's made the special trip to help out) will block the roads with their 116's as we all know there wouldn't be a cop car in the world that could ram through a road block of our Steel bunkers!!  Mercules will also provide a smoke screen with the 400SE to assist with getaway.

500eGuy & Mr Hubertz and withhold the sale of this vehicle until we arrive with the bags of loot we just attained that is required for purchase!!!

So...... who's in?!    ::)


Is there something wrong with me?? I'm out.   All I can do is think how a widebody would look on a w116 racer and I'm surprised you like this sec johnny.  It's red not black like everything else you got.

So sorry Cam, but I will take on the security guards with you just for the hell of it ;D
1973 350SE, my first & fave


I've got to admit, that is really nice.... 8)

Yes Cam, I'm in!  ;D ;D

I'll use the 350... the 280SEL doesn't like starting very easy when warm, so it would be a problem should I have to suddenly get away. ;)
'79 280SEL- 560,000 Kms
'73 350SE- getting an AMG facelift
'79 450SEL 6.9


I know it is not black, but i'll let that pass on this car... Just let me know whenever you guys are ready and lets get some loot to make this SEC the "official" AMG widebody;)