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AMG produced 300SEL 6.3

Started by Des, 25 January 2007, 10:16 PM


Quote from: Michel on 25 January 2007, 10:08 PM
I can't help admiring the two pics you have.... The one in your avatar and the other in your signature.
Can you enlighten me?
Are they yours?
Is it the same vehicle?

I wish I owned that car, they are two pictures of an early AMG produced 300SEL 6.3 that they took the engine out to 6.8

Picture is taken from the 24 spa race in 1971 where AMG really set a name for themselves, taking out 2nd place I believe

I have been giving it some serious thought lately, about building my own replica AMG car.
Tossing up the idea of finding a tried 300SEl 6.3 that needs total restoration, stripping it down and rebuilding it to AMG specs


Ok I found a link on the web where you can do a bit of reading surrounding these cars:

And here is a little video clip of a replica AMG car:


That sounds pretty good that one.  I was going to say I know of one in Wagga for around the $10k mark.  After speaking to Styria about them and seeing a top condition one in Canberra, I think I'd never have the funds to bring one back to it's former glory.  They are gr8 looking vehicles and it'd be great to see a replica in Targa Tasmania.  Who's to say you couldn't grab a crap 280 and drop a chev in for the purposes of racing 8)

Do you think that youtube video is the same one that Tomi recorded sound from?
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Yeah the 6.3's are a great looking car, I lean towards them as a more classic Mercedes than the 116's,
just don't feel quite as cheap inside, the plastic bits on the interior of a 116 just make the car feel cheap, americanized.

Just my opinion anyway.


Its an interesting debate - 6.3 versus 6.9.  I never intended buying a 6.9, I had my heart set on a 6.3.  The ultimate reason I chose a 6.9 was the simple fact its was a much newer, safer (that was a big part of the decision as my wife approved of all the old 6.9 brochures focus on safety!) and far better designed than the 109 chassis.  Would I still own a 6.3 if I had the chance? You bet - but not to replace the 6.9.  It would need to be in addition!!  And yes Styria - it would need to be in Mint - Concours - condition!  That was the other reason I went for a W116 - every Merc person told me it would (if rust free) be a cheaper car to maintain.

So, I'll wait for One Powerball (lottery in Australia) and then just teh Classic Center to add it to my list....after my 1968 300 Cabriolet (with AMG 6.3 fitted); my 600 Pullman, Gullwing, 300SL........etc etc ::)

sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


Styria thanks for your comments, your side by side comparison is appreciated, and gives me some things to think about.


6.3 ownership is nowadays reserved for the loaded or those who run a wrecking business...a 6.3 project would bury pretty much most individuals.  think about a car scarcer than a 6.9 to start with, add to that 10 years of age and think about finding parts -ouch.

as for 116 plasticy interiors - everything benz has a purpose.  this was the first merc with every interior component covered by padding-plsatic.  it was a saftey feature back then they thought would improve safety by covering all the metal door frames ie...

anyhow, live the dream des!

ps chris, a 6.9 needs one powerball, a 6.3 two!
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sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


That link didn't seem to work for me Chris.

Had a look around the site but couldn't find the car in question