AMG 300SEL 6.8 Rote Sau finally makes it onto the track

Started by Grant V, 04 February 2022, 05:55 AM

Grant V

My Red Pig finally made it onto the track at the Passion of Speed held at Zwartkops Raceway outside Pretoria on 29 January. The car was also featured in the January edition of South Africa's CAR Magazine, and you can see the photos from this shoot and a report of the first race here:

"You've bought another bloody car?!? We should have you committed!" he shrieked, storming out of the room


1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


....from a couple of those shots, the ole girl was on "her beams" and looking very sorted. Cripes!..they are a decent pair of bombers on the back!
I'd be interested in the route to getting the handling would be no mean feat and  I must say from 6000 miles away, it looks like it is fairly well behaved...very impressed!
..........and beautiful presentation!