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AMG 300SEL 6.8 Rote Sau - Finally Finished

Started by Grant V, 17 September 2021, 12:09 PM

Grant V

The AMG is now finally finished!

Last Saturday was the launch with some friends, and then on Wednesday was the first track test. Read more about these events and watch the track test videos here:

"You've bought another bloody car?!? We should have you committed!" he shrieked, storming out of the room


awesome Grant, a labour of love. ive been seeing occasional posts on this.
6.9 79 #6436
6.9 79 #6290
6.9 79 #6181
6.9 78 #4764
6.9 77 #3096
6.9 76 #1741
6.9 76 #0902
6.9 75 #0018


Glad to see there is still some skill and ingenuity left in SA ;)
Well done!
1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber

Randys01 fact a "standing ovation".!!!
The enormity of this task is truly "awesome"!!! :)
Thanks for sharing your great moment of pride.   what a rippa!

Look forward to some more videos as you get her sorted.....get that muffler off and let us all savour nearly 7 litres of v8 at work.!