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3D printed parts are now official

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MB have recently announced that the Classic Centre will start offering 3D printed spare parts. Finally!

I don't think we should hold our breath for any 116 parts being done by MB any time soon...

Being a tech nerd I'm going to say awesome! But I do wonder if the price of these things will be reasonable or expensive.

I doubt they're going to do W116 only parts soon, but items used on multiple platforms will probably be done soon.

I want a 3D printed Frenzel. 8)

I too bet they will focus on multi-platform parts first, and ones that are worth it. But as the process matures, and cheapens, we'll see our cars covered as they share a lot of items with W123, W126 etc.

In the meantime folks like myself will continue with open sourced reproductions for the fun of it.


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