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2010 audi s4, vs, 2009 bmw 335xi

Started by Yesmar, 02 September 2009, 02:25 PM

3.0L car would benefit more from a...

twin turbo
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supercharged, Audi?

twin turbo,  BMW?

i know the audi puts out more hp right now, but when mods start coming out, wont the turbo charged car have more potential??

if not please correct me, i honestly know nothing about supercharged cars.

please comment on what you think or know, i feel this could be a good topic of discussion.

personally if i could put the bmw engine into the 2010 s4 body... lol

but seriously there both 3.0L
both around the same price
both 4 door german all wheel drive

which one will be more fun in the long run?

not worried about reliability or gas mileage,
- Ramsey