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1969 280 s

Started by 500eguy, 18 March 2007, 03:58 AM


what would a clean inside and out 69 280 s go for? i have the chance to pick one up for $3,000, i will keep you guys informed and let you know what the car is like when i look at it in person.


$3000 sounds pretty good if it's rust free and some proof that it's been serviced regulary.Take a pic so we can judge it's worth  ;)

I was over on your island today for the first time.Woowee,what a madhouse over there but you guys take your automobiles seriously.I sniped a few while around and about.

Know this guy? On South King Street  ;D


My favorite one seen today at some park on the East Shore,can't remember the name.


Nutz, you been busy spying again ;D  I like that 450 and the SL and the 126.  What do you know, I like 'em all. ;D

500eguy, got no idea about price except to say I look out for 3.5L 109's out of interest sake with a dream of getting one one day and an average one of those are around $5000AUD,  $3900US.  But yeah, take pics so we can pick it to pieces.

Don't have many links but here's one I've saved

Nutz, I must take a camera with me more often on the road.  I saw a 450SL 3 days ago, caramel in colour with wire wheels and mercedes logoed centre caps.  Just reminds me of that thread on that 350se on ebay over here that said "HAS ORIGINAL MERCEDES CHROME WIRE WHEELS"  Wish I could've taken a pic, but I didn't, so I can't prove it.

1973 350SE, my first & fave


Hehe,yeah Oscar,I'm a paparazzi wannabe  ;D


That 450SE looks really clean. Nutz, How much of a rust problem do you guys have over there?



ahh, to bad you didn't see me blasting around in my car:), I will snap some pics a sap!... i have been working my bum off and haven't a chance to get to see it!!! i have seen that 450se around although i don't like those 126 wheels on it.


Quote from: gregdeklerk on 19 March 2007, 12:23 AM
That 450SE looks really clean. Nutz, How much of a rust problem do you guys have over there?


Shoot,the climate here will eat a car away if you don't maintain it,especially on the jungle side of the islands.

s class


That 450SE be wearing R129 16" wheels.  I have the same on my 280SE, and despite me being a stickler for originality, I've grown to really like it. 


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