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116 vs Porsche

Started by Brian Crump, 03 November 2007, 01:59 AM


Grant, what does it handle like?
is that the V8 model?


i was talking about the rolls!
not the zuffenhausen mobile, which are reasonable enough...although i never liked the sound of porsche engines - you can take that for what its worth from a man that still likes feargal sharkey!
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Grant V

Y'know, Des, this car has surpassed any expectations I've ever had of it. Remember that she's a big girl (1750kg in auto format), but she's got 230kw and 450Nm to play with, which will get off the mark to 100 in about 6.5 seconds. This is the 928S2 model, so has a 4.7 V8 and taughter springing. The car handles very neutrally and has none of that twitchy arse stuff when lifting off, like the Beetleporsches. And she's so flexible - you can kick it down into 1st and fly off the mark and really hooligan it, but then again you can tootle around town doing 60km/h @ 2000rpm. And you'll be surprised how much you can load into this car: open the hatchback, drop the rear seat backs flat, and you virtually got an estate (a little estate, but you get the picture)

Along with the 6.9, this has to be one the world's best kept secrets (well...the 6.9's no secret on this site)
"You've bought another bloody car?!? We should have you committed!" he shrieked, storming out of the room


so which handles better, the Porsche or the 6.9?

I'm guessing the Porsche, as, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the V8 an all light weight alloy job?

s class

Grant says his Porsche has the engine in the front - its even better than that - its in the front behind the front axle, as set very low down - for centre of gravity reasons.  Very nice I say

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The 928 is a nice car when they are in good shape, like most of them they ended up in the wrong hands. I am a 911 fan, although agree that the styling has gotten a little " boring" although i love that sound of the flat six... it sounds great..:)

Grant V

The Porsche handles far better, most probably because it's lower and has stiffer suspension. The 6.9 is glorious on the open road, because the suspension is softer (but the 928 is also a very nice GT tourer), and then the 6.9 is obviously easier to get in and out of.

Own both and have the best of both worlds!

You guys should really try and get a test drive in a 928 - I'd love to hear your opinions.
"You've bought another bloody car?!? We should have you committed!" he shrieked, storming out of the room


Hi Grant (and everyone),

I am new to this forum having only recently discovered it and have enjoyed reading previous posts. I have some things in common with you Grant. I can speak with some authority on this issue having owned a viper green 1973 911E 2.4 which I had rebuilt to a 2.9L with high compression mahle pistons (A$20K for the rebuild) about 10 years ago. I have also owned a 6.9, two 928S2s, a 928S4 5litre, and currently own a 1976 911 3.0Litre Carrerra and  a 1965 220S fintail manual.

The 928s handle fantastically and sound great. They are totally underrated. However there is no comparison on a winding road or racetrack, with the 911 much more fun. The  928s are more of a grand touring car. I did one Supersprint with the S4 and found it too boring. No understeer and no oversteer. It just went where you steered it, most un 911 like!

The non-power steering on the 911 is far superior to the power assisted steering of the 928. There is nothing like the feeling of steering a small bumper 911 on the throttle with your foot flat on the floor and see-sawing at the wheel correcting the oversteer through a long racetack corner, or the tail letting go flat in 4th at 160Kph through the kink at the end of the straight at Wakefield Park and flicking your wrists (and keeping your foot flat) to correct it before hitting the brakes for the 2nd gear righthander.

Des, I used to have similar views about Porsches until I drove one. There is no comparison in the handling of a 6.9  and the 928. However the feeling of raw power and the huge torque of the 6.9 when accelerating from rest on a straight road is unsurpassed.

Grant, I am interested in your racing Finnie. What was involved in fitting the webbers? What type are they? Cost? What brake and exhaust modifications have you made?


Grant V

Finnie - I've PM'd you about the racer.
"You've bought another bloody car?!? We should have you committed!" he shrieked, storming out of the room

Brian Crump

Welcome to the forum Finnie - and that's a great post there.
My objectio to a Porsche probably stems from the people we often see driving them - people who would be better off driving an Excel with a washing line style spoiler on the back.... ;D
I've always had a bit of a sneaking desire for an early 911 but I reckon Des would confiscate my keys if he found out  ;D


Quote from: BC on 03 November 2007, 02:44 PM

I've always had a bit of a sneaking desire for an early 911 but I reckon Des would confiscate my keys if he found out  ;D

:D  :D  :D

repeat after me, I want a drop head.......I want a drop head



hmmmm i like the porsche 928 verry much becouse they were available with automatic transmission
and a v8 engine in the front and the gearbox is much in the rear almost to the rear axle but a verry good engineerd car i used to own one too back in the 90's perfect car !!! the only thing i didnt liked
about the car is the checking the automatic gearbox fluid becouse that must be done under the car
but iff you love the as much as i do you simply dont care  :D another nice thing about the 928 is the suspension it can be raised or lowered you simply can screw it up or down i must say it again a perfect car with all good memories  :D


928's used MB auto boxes too.


Hey Nathan,
Nothing wrong with Feargal Sharkey!!!
Nothing to be embarrassed about.
I like his music as well.............. :o
Russell Bond - (Adelaide, South Australia)
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Quote from: 116Benz on 07 November 2007, 05:43 PM
928's used MB auto boxes too.

Yes and there are Mercedes that have sneaky under the table Porsche built connections, the 500E W124

:o  :o