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The 126 is essentially the 116 2.0 so there is a lot of compatibility of parts but not everything will swap. For the interior, the front seats will swap over but nothing else will. I'm not 100% sure but I believe that the floor pans are different enough that that switching over wouldn't work. Most of the drivetrain components (from the motor back to the rear diff and axles) will swap over without modification (driveshaft probably requires some modification). Front brakes are a direct swap upgrade but I think rear might be the same as the 116 but don't quote me on that (also the gen II brakes require a 15" or larger wheel). Brake booster will not swap between. I think the steering box is the same but not sure. Window regulators is a no. Radiator and oil cooler will swap over fine. The climate control system would probably swap over but would require a lot of modification. A/C system itself would also probably swap over, probably would need some custom hoses.
Hello Joost and welcome
I have actually done a 450se 5.0 project.
Useing a w116 1978 450se body and fitting a 5lt 4speed unit from a w126 1983 500se.
I found it pretty straightforward  and had to mske only minor alterations to make it all fit together.
I think if you search you may find the original post on this site and that will have information and photos of the project.
Cheers Robert
I found it.
Look up "snatched from the jaws of the crusher"  back from 2012 post.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: I cleaned the engine.
« Last post by gf on Today at 12:52 PM »
That's incredible! I cleaned my engine and a few months later it looks like the latter photos.
Some 560's had hydro suspension but not all.
From the list of parts you mention, you should buy another W116 and use your current one as the parts car.

Yes from a design perspective the 2 chassis have similarities. Some parts interchange, some dont.

I'm not 100% sure, but the 2 W126 models you mention had hydraulic suspensions.
Hi Joost and welcome to the best W116 forum in the galaxy ;D
I have no experience with transplanting and such, and I am sure more learned members will chime in, but as a general rule you can make pretty much make any drive train fit into any chassis, if you have enough time, money and stubbornness!
Question for you though, and maybe I missed the point in your message, but why bother?  Why not make your W116 "perfect", and then also have a "perfect" W126, that is the best of both worlds 8)
I know that in Europe nice 116's are rare, but here in North America you can find nice ones for cheap.  There is not much love for the 116 unfortunately, so most folks would pretty much give them away, and yes, that includes the venerable 6.9.
Nice W126's are getting rare and going up in price, so if you have a nice one I would hold onto that rather.
Just my opinion.
Hello fellow enthousiasts,

Having the ambitious plan to ‘restore’ my w116, I came across a possible option besides using a w116 as a donor.. I have read that in order to create the w126, the w116 was used, with minor adjustments concerning the chassis, suspension, engines, etc. My w116 is a w116 450 sel with the fabrication date 16-2-1978. Curious if a w126 500 se(l) or 560 se(l)l can be used as a donor. I am thinking of the production years up from 09-1985 for the 500 se(l) and 10-1985 for the 560 se(l).

My question are:
1) Is it possible and if so does anybody here have experience with using a w126 as a donor?
2) If the w126 can be used as a donor, which of the following parts can I transplant to my w116:
* Engine;
* Transmission
* Drive shaft
   Rear axles
   Rear dif
* Front suspension
* Steering
* Rear suspension
* Brakes front
* Brakes rear
* Cooling system
* Airconditioning and heating
* Wiring harness
* Exhaust system
* As the ‘floor’ of my w116 is rusted through in some key areas (throttle pedal, mounting points front seats), can I use the floor of the w126?
* Parts for the electric windows
* Interior   Seats front and rear
      Centre console
* Any other parts that I have forgotten and may be useful :-)

Maybe it is a long shot but it would certainly make the pool of possible donors larger and would come with some nice extra's as a 4 speed automatic transmission etc. etc.

Thanks for reading and responding.

Mechanicals / Re: motor mounts
« Last post by daantjie on Yesterday at 05:12 PM »
All valid points.
The 116 does seem to have been passed over. I'm a Gen X'er myself thus I saw these cars on the road as a kid plus of course 126's by the ton. That's why I love the 116 and 126.
Just look at what happened to E30 BMW prices. Astronomical. All Gen X'ers and hipsters now pushing the demand. Looks like this demographic is also now chasing 126's but sadly the timing seems to be just off for our beloved 116.
The baby boomers are pushing up the Pagoda market to unsustainable levels IMHO. There will be a correction I believe. The 6.3 market is already cooling rapidly. Boomers dying off and getting out of the market. The same will happen to Pagodas.
Mechanicals / Re: motor mounts
« Last post by UTn_boy on Yesterday at 05:02 PM »
Picking a W116 to restore as a first car wasn't a good idea.  There are many more parts available for W111/W112 coupes and cabriolets than there are for W116 cars, and for the parts that aren't available, they show up in new or good used form more often than, say, a W116 dash.  Granted, an earlier car is more expensive to restore due to the amount of chrome, leather, and wood in/on them.  However, regardless of what the W116 was in its day, they're still viewed as the "fat girl at the dance" today.  They're an acquired taste, and when fellas like us die off that do appreciate them, they'll likely be forgotten about for the most part. 

R107 cars are much easier to restore than a W116 by far.  More parts are still available, and so many were made and still exist that good used parts can be had very easily.  In addition, the R107 is a smaller car with fewer parts, less leather, less wood, and less chrome and/or anodized aluminum trim. 

A pagoda would be a much less expensive of a car to restore than a W116 if Mercedes didn't use gold standard pricing on the parts they're having made in China using child labor.  There are probably more new/reproduced parts for a Pagoda, 190SL, or a 300SL than any other car......which makes me wonder why they don't listen to reason and do the same for other chassis.  There is a demand, but apparently not a demand that's good enough for them.  The demand is far past minuscule, but I think they also realize that the majority of W116 owners would never pay their prices.  It's  a crap shoot these days, but I don't care.  I love all of my cars, and I'll continue to do what I do until I see I'm not fit to do so.  I'll always end up putting more into my cars than they'll ever be worth, and I'm ok with that.  At the end of the day, I realize that regardless of how much money i have in my cars I'll never be able to buy a new W116 for what I have in mine.  So it's all relative, and in the good sense.  :)
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